Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping around at lunch time

It is a beautiful summer day. My colleague Lisa and I decided to go shopping at Midtown plaza. We headed directly to the Natualizer store since I have been notified by email that they are having a summer clearance event. Almost everything in store is up to 70% off. This is a big temptation to ladies like us even though we probably have had enough pair of shoes already.  Before we leave the office, I’ve browsed through their online catalogues and I have two pair of shoes in my mind already.
The store is not as busy as we expected, but they don’t carry the pairs I am interested which is a bit disappointing.  The sales ladies are understandable enough to leave us on our own to try out any shoe we like which is very nice as I always enjoy trying on shoes in different colors and styles.  Lisa bought a beautiful pair of red sandals almost instantly, and to me, after having tried on every shoe that caught my eyes, I left the store with a pair of brown leather slip-ons.
It is a good reward to myself and I will still keep an eye online to the pairs I like. I wish I could get them when they are on sale.

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  1. well well. My usual mother always shopping for accessories.